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We offer a variety of content for managing your properties, from Rent & Income Limits, utility allowances, AFHMP, tenant selection plans, occupancy forms, and program and compliance guides. Management and Occupancy review and draw request submittal requirements will help you comply with your funding.

Rent & Income Limits
Utility Allowances

Utility Allowance

Utilities are an essential housing cost; therefore, gross rent must include an allowance for any tenant-paid utilities. If the owner pays all utilities, the utility allowance (UA) is $0. However, if tenants are responsible for paying any utilities, it is the owner’s responsibility to obtain and update UAs at least annually and maintain these with the property records.

Properties with project-based Section 8, Housing Tax Credits, HOME and National Housing Trust Funds have specific utility allowance requirements so if your property is monitored for Section 8 or is financed with any of these programs by Minnesota Housing, consult the respective compliance guides. Properties financed with amortizing or deferred loans from Minnesota Housing that are not also financed with these listed programs may use the UA from the local housing authority that administers Section 8 vouchers in the area. Several housing authorities have their UA’s and section 8 payment standards posted online through HousingLink at If a UA is not available on HousingLink, check the local housing authority’s website or contact the housing authority directly.

  • Utility Allowance Information - Required for all financing programs and UA sources to calculate utility allowances.
  • Utility Allowance Certification - Required for HOME, National Housing Trust Fund, and Housing Tax Credits when using the HUD Utility Schedule Model, Energy Consumption Model, or Average of Actual Consumption using the methodology described in the HUD published Multifamily Notice H-2015-4
Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plans (AFHMP)

Affirmative Fair housing Marketing Plans (AFHMP)

Tenant Selection Plans (TSP)

Tenant Selection Plans (TSP)

Minnesota Housing is committed to creating equitable, affordable, and accessible housing for all Minnesotans. Tenant Selection Plans and tenant screening criteria that reduce barriers to access are critical to these efforts.

Tenant Selection Plan Guidelines

Program and Compliance Guides

Program and Compliance Guides

Program Guides

Applicants seeking funding sources from specific programs must understand the program compliance guidance and the funding requirements per program. learn more about Program Guides

Compliance Guides and Guidance

Housing Tax Credits Suballocator Compliance Guides

Occupancy Forms

Occupancy Forms

All households occupying units assisted with Minnesota Housing's financing programs, project-based section 8 and/or Housing Tax Credits must be certified for initial eligibility prior to move-in. Project-based Section 8, HOME, National Housing Trust Fund, Housing Tax Credits, Section 1602, MARIF, TCAP and HOPWA require verification of income and income from assets and a detailed income certification form. Households occupying units assisted with Minnesota Housing’s deferred or amortizing loans without Section 8, HOME, NHTF, etc., must be income certified using a self-certification at initial occupancy.

Use of Minnesota Housing's forms does not guarantee program compliance. Check the respective compliance guide and/or program guide for annual recertification and other program requirements, as they may differ from program to program. Learn more about Occupancy Forms.

Draw Requests

Draw Requests

Draw from Reserves - Fillable

MOR (Management and Occupancy Review) Hot Topics

MOR (Management and Occupancy Review) Hot Topics

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Section 8 Occupancy Hot Topics are posted monthly. Check out the current issue.

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