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Community Initiatives Programs

Minnesota Housing connects our investments in homeownership to the larger goal of fostering strong communities. We build connections and partnerships with the communities, organizations, and agencies that are working on critical homeownership housing issues across the state.

We are working to do our part to ensure that everyone, regardless of where they live, has access to the essential ingredients for economic and social success: affordable homeownership housing, transportation choices, good schools, strong social networks, and access to healthy places.

Minnesota Housing’s Community Initiatives programs provide funding to assist cities, counties, tribal nations, developers, non-profits, and other organizations across Minnesota with their homeownership housing needs, including:

  • New construction of homes
  • Acquisition, rehabilitation, resale of homes
  • Owner-occupied rehabilitation
  • Construction loans
  • Homeownership education, counseling, and coaching
  • Manufactured home community redevelopment


If you are a Minnesotan looking for a home ownership, down payment, or home improvement loan or grant, or information about homebuyer education, counseling, and coaching, contact 651.296.8215.

If you are a city, county, tribal nation, developer, non-profit or other organization looking for information about programs on the Community Initiatives Team, contact Tal Anderson, Community Initiatives Programs Manager, at 651.296.2198.

Secure File Exchange

Single Family Secure File Exchange

This tool allows organizations to securely upload and download documentation for the following programs:

  • Community Homeownership Impact Fund (Impact Fund)
  • Emergency and Accessibility Loan Program
  • Enhanced Financial Capacity Homeownership Initiative (Homeownership Capacity)
  • Homeownership Education, Counseling and Training Fund (HECAT)
  • Rehabilitation Loan Program

Please review the instructions on how to use the Single Family Secure File Exchange.