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Requests For Proposals

The Multifamily Division offers a variety of financing and funding options for rental properties, which that advance Minnesota Housing's priorities. Learn more about each of the capital programs.

Deferred and amortizing financing is available both on a year-round basis and through the Multifamily Consolidated Request for Proposal (RFP)/Housing Tax Credits (HTC) Round 1. Grant funding is typically available on a biennial basis through competitive RFP processes. Application requirements vary depending on the type of financing or funding you are seeking. Refer to the program specific information for program details and application materials.

Technical Assistance is available for each program. For technical assistance related to your proposal, please complete and submit the Technical Assistance Request Form, and a Minnesota Housing staff member will follow up with you to discuss specifics about your proposal and answer any questions. 

Request for Proposals - Funding Available

Housing Tax Credits 4% OnlyMoreLess

Housing Tax Credits 4% Only

Minnesota is currently accepting pre-applications and full applications for an award of 2024 4% Only HTCs (42M). Minnesota has different allocating agencies for the distribution of tax-exempt volume limited bonding authority, including Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB).  Projects that apply and receive bonding authority from MMB's housing or unified pools are eligible to subsequently apply to Minnesota Housing for an award of 4% HTC.

A full and complete application for a preliminary determination of eligibility for 4% Only Housing Tax Credit (42M) must be submitted at least 60 days prior to bond issuance.

Optional: Pre-applications are accepted 30 days prior to submitting the full 4% Only Housing Tax Credit (42M) application for a preliminary predictive cost model and scoring determination.

Learn more 4% HTC and apply today.

State Housing Tax Credit Program and Contribution FundMoreLess

State Housing Tax Credit Program and Contribution Fund

The State Housing Tax Credit Program and Contribution Fund (SHTC Contribution Fund) is a new statewide program that provides funding to help finance affordable housing developments and is funded entirely by taxpayer contributions. Funds contributed to the General Contribution Pool are awarded through a competitive request for proposals (RFP) process. The 2024 SHTC Contribution Fund RFP is now open. Learn more and apply

Other Programs - Funding Closed

Multifamily Consolidated Request for Proposals / Housing Tax Credits Round 1MoreLess

Multifamily Consolidated Request for Proposals / Housing Tax Credits Round 1

The Multifamily Consolidated Request for Proposal (RFP)/Housing Tax Credits (HTC) Round 1 coordinates multiple housing resources into one application process, including HTC, amortizing first mortgages, and deferred loans. Most of our resources are awarded through the Consolidated RFP, which is offered once a year. Learn more about Consolidated RFP and HTC Round 1.

Housing Tax Credit Round 2MoreLess

Housing Tax Credit Round 2

The 9% HTCs are allocated twice a year through a competitive process:
  • During Round 1, known as the annual Multifamily Consolidated RFP/HTC Round 1, when much of our other funding is available, and
  • During Round 2, which is generally a smaller round allocating the remaining available HTCs for the year.  Learn more about the HTC Round 2 process.
Publicly Owned Housing Program (POHP)MoreLess

Publicly Owned Housing Program (POHP)

A competitive funding program that uses the proceeds of General Obligation (GO) bonds to provide financing in the form of a 20-year deferred, forgivable loans for the rehabilitation and preservation of public housing. Learn more about POHP program.

Rental Rehabilitation Deferred Loan (RRDL)MoreLess

Rental Rehabilitation Deferred Loan (RRDL)

The purpose of the Rental Rehabilitation Deferred Loan (RRDL) Program is to provide resources to rehabilitate existing rental housing in Greater Minnesota so that affordability is preserved and low and moderate income households have access to decent housing that is convenient to jobs, transportation, and essential services. Learn more about RRDL.

Stable Housing Organization Relief Program (SHORP)MoreLess

Stable Housing Organization Relief Program (SHORP)

Stable Housing Organization Relief Program (SHORP)

The Stable Housing Organization Relief Program (SHORP) is a state appropriated program to support eligible rental housing owners that have experienced significant detrimental financial impacts due to recent economic and social conditions.  Learn more about the Stable Housing Organization Relief Program.

Workforce Housing Development Program (WHDP)MoreLess

Workforce Housing Development Program (WHDP) funding unavailable

The Workforce Housing Development Program (WHDP) is a competitive funding program targets small to medium-sized cities, communities, or areas in Greater Minnesota with rental workforce housing needs. Learn more about WHDP program.