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Where We Live

Minnesota Housing celebrates 50 years!

"Where We Live" is a documentary film honoring the evolution of Minnesota Housing over five decades. The documentary highlights the inception of the Agency, the evolution of its programs and the people it serves. Hear from residents whose lives unfold in homes supported by Minnesota Housing.

Produced by Seavert Studios and Ben Garvin Media for Minnesota Housing. © 2022

Watch Individual Chapters

Origin Story

“Where We Began” tells the origin story of the Agency, from the kernel of an idea to its inception and subsequent growth over the decades. Early Commissioner Jim Solem reads from the original 1971 charge and notes it still rings true today. The chapter covers Minnesota Housing’s early years, how its work helps Minnesotans achieve housing stability, and how the Agency has matured over the past five decades.

Preventing & Ending Homelessness

In “Sleeping Through the Night,” Agency and community leaders talk about the egregiousness of homelessness and what can be done to reduce the number of people sleeping outside.

The chapter features the story of Minneapolis resident Essence and her three children as they move into an apartment after months of struggling with homelessness.

Rental Properties

“Wake Up, Feel the Sun” highlights the Agency’s work in financing rental housing.

The chapter features two mothers, Alexis and Natija, as their families move into their apartments in the newly constructed “Sound on 76th” in Edina. Agency leaders talk about the role of permanent supportive housing and how the state faces a shortage of all types of housing.


“Unacceptably Low” explores obstacles households of color face when trying to achieve homeownership.

Minnesota’s homeownership disparity between Black and white households is among the worst in the nation.

First-time homebuyer Maurice in St. Louis Park talks about what it means to him to have bucked that trend.

Equity in Housing

“Righting the Wrongs” addresses racist policy decisions made in the past that continue to disadvantage Minnesota households of color today.

The story features a new affordable senior housing development in Minneapolis and innovative Tribal developments in Greater Minnesota. It also addresses the Agency’s role in righting historic wrongs.

Manufactured Housing

In “Better Together,” two dynamic women, Bev Adrian and Natividad Seefeldt, share their journeys in pursuing a cooperative ownership model in which residents own their home as well as the land under it. Doing so insulates them from potential sales of their communities that could displace residents. Investing in manufactured housing infrastructure is an emerging area at Minnesota Housing.

What's Next

In “Do We Have the Political Will?,” Agency leaders grapple with today’s challenges like the pandemic, its economic fallout, and calls for racial justice. They look ahead to difficult questions like whether we have the political will, as a society, to end homelessness. Commissioner Ho envisions a time when the state centers the housing needs of Minnesotans of color, those experiencing homelessness, and those who make the least.


For a brief overview of “Where We Live,” watch the two-minute trailer.

The short piece provides a glimpse of each of the individual chapters and topics of homelessness, rental housing, homeownership and manufactured housing.

We hope it will entice viewers to watch the full film.