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Housing Trust Fund Program Rental Assistance

The Housing Trust Fund (HTF) Program Rental Assistance provides temporary rental assistance, housing related expenses such as application fees and security deposits, in partnership with supportive services for High Priority Homeless (HPH) families and individuals referred through the local Coordinated Entry (CE) System. Rental assistance is provided in partnership with services to help participants achieve housing stability and transition to permanent sustainable housing opportunities.

Housing Trust Fund Program Rental Assistance Guide: 2023-2025 Contract Term

Due Diligence

Due Diligence items for the Request for Proposal process will be posted as soon as they come available.

Income Verification Forms
HPH Verification Forms

HPH Verification Forms

For more information, refer to the HPH Eligibility Change Information and FAQs and the training slides.

Long Term Homelessness Verification Forms
Program Qualification and Administrative Forms
Leasing Forms
Housing Quality Standards

Housing Quality Standards

Administrator Created

Administrator Created

Items listed below are to be created to meet your specific program criteria.

  • Program Policies and Procedures including:
    • Tenant selection process
    • Waiting List Procedures
    • Transition plan goals
    • Annual income and interim re-certification processes
    • Unit inspection procedures
    • Security Deposit Policy
    • Termination process
    • Program Application Form
    • Tenant Letter of Understanding Form
    • Property Inspection Form
    • Lead Paint Information Sheet and Brochure

Housing Trust Fund (HTF) Rental Assistance - Site-based and Tenant-based programs.

Draw Request Form and Submittal Instructions

Draw Request Form and Submittal Instructions

The draw request workbook is secured with a password that must be entered each time the workbook is opened. This added security measure will protect confidential participant data when sent via Secure Upload Tool. Before attempting to open or download this file, you must request the password by sending an e-mail to any of the Rental Assistance staff members at Minnesota Housing. The draw request is submitted monthly by Administrators and due by the 15th of each month.

Training Tutorials