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Get Ready for Homeownership

There’s no doubt about it, buying a home is a worthwhile investment. But it can also be a challenge getting in the door.

It’s never too early to prepare to buy a home, and we have resources to help you get started.

Take a Class

Take a Class

We recommend you take a homebuyer education class. Available at little or no cost, you’ll learn about the entire homebuying process – from financial planning to purchasing a home to life as a new homeowner. 

If all borrowers in your household are first-time homebuyers and you plan on using our programs, you must complete a homebuyer education course before closing on your home. But even people who’ve owned a home before say they’ve found the classes valuable.

The following courses can count towards homebuyer education:

Talk to an Advisor

Talk to an Advisor

We also encourage you to speak to a homeownership advisor. Advisors offer guidance based on your situation. They can guide you through the homebuying process, give you tips to improve your credit score, and much more.

Find a homeownership advisor today!

Get Financial Counseling

Financial counseling can help you prepare for homeownership based on your financial situation.

It can help you:

  • Understand your credit
  • Create a budget
  • Reduce debt
  • Create a savings plan

For personalized financial coaching, contact a Homeownership Capacity Program provider.

Find a Lender

Find a Lender

We work with a network of lenders across the state to help you get the mortgage financing and downpayment and closing cost loans you need. Our network can answer questions about our programs, program eligibility and which one may work best for you.

Find a lender and let them know you are interested in a Minnesota Housing loan program!

Want to buy a home in 2024?

Do you think you make too much to qualify for a Minnesota Housing program? You could be surprised. Depending on your household size and where you live, you can earn up to $185,700 and still be eligible for our homebuyer programs.

Have your heard that you need to put 20% down to buy a home? This is not necessarily true. Some mortgages require as little as 3% down. Our downpayment and closing cost loan assistance programs can cover those costs if you qualify.

New Program for First-Generation Homebuyers 

We've launched a new downpayment program for first-generation homebuyers.  The program offers additional downpayment and closing cost assistance loans.

If you and your parent or legal guardian have never owned a home or lost a home due to foreclosure, you may qualify as a first-generation homebuyer and be eligible for this special program. 

Learn more about the First-Generation Homebuyer Loan Program.