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HomeHelpMN COVID-19 Homeowner Assistance Fund

Accepting Applications

Homeowners can submit an application via the website at or by calling the Call Center and providing information over the phone at 800-388-3226. (A paper application may also be requested by calling the Call Center, however, online or phone applications are recommended for the fastest completion.)

Applications will be accepted as long as funding is available.

Funds for the program are limited. If applications received exceed available funding, applicants may be put on a wait list.

Visit the website at to learn more or to submit an application.

Homeowner Assistance Program Update:

HomeHelpMN is a federally funded program dedicated to assisting homeowners who are at risk of default, foreclosure, or displacement as a result of a financial hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The program includes financial assistance for mortgage reinstatement, and eligible past due property expenses, and will complement the solutions offered by mortgage loan servicers.

There are several resources now available to help you prepare:
  1. Visit the HomeHelpMN website at to learn more about what materials you’ll need to apply, what expenses are covered, and who is eligible to apply.
  2. The HomeHelpMN Call Center is now open. If you have questions about applying or would like information about housing counseling or legal services, you can call 1-800-388-3226 or 651-204-1608 to speak to an agent. You can also submit an application by phone. The call center is open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.
  3. You can view the replay of the Introduction to HomeHelpMN webinar that was held on April 20. The webinar includes an overview of the program, and answers to many of the questions that were submitted by participants. 

New Income Limits Released

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) released new income limits for all Homeowner Assistance Fund programs, including HomeHelpMN, effective April 18, 2022. These new limits, which are higher than the 2021 amounts, will be used to determine eligibility for HomeHelpMN.
See the new limits

Additional actions to take:

The amount of funding available will likely not meet the anticipated needs of all eligible Minnesota homeowners. It is important that lenders, mortgage servicers, and homeowners work together to explore the full range of options available to help Minnesotans keep their homes.

These are additional steps that can be taken in addition to applying for HomeHelpMN:

  1. Explore an affordable loss mitigation work-out solution. Lenders and homeowners should communicate about what options are available. Additional resources are available through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
  2. Connect with a local HUD-approved housing counselor. HUD-approved housing counselors provide free, unbiased, confidential services to help homeowners make choices to address their housing needs. Homeowners can connect with foreclosure prevention services via the Minnesota Homeownership Center.
  3. Apply for the Energy Assistance Program. Homeowners may qualify for help with energy bills and future energy costs, including delivered fuels. Visit the Minnesota Department of Commerce or call 1.800.657.3710 to learn more about eligibility and apply.

We encourage you to sign up for eNews updates about HomeHelpMN for more information about the program and timeline.

If you have concerns regarding potential fraud, misuse of funds, or related concerns regarding the HomeHelpMN program, the following avenues are available through NavexGlobal/EthicsPoint:

  • You may call 866-886-1274 and an EthicsPoint Contact Center Specialist will record your concerns and collect the information needed.
  • You can click the Report Wrongdoing or Other Concerns website to make your report.

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