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Funding Overview

Minnesota Housing offers a variety of financing products and deferred loans for rental properties in Minnesota as well as grant funding for efforts that advance the agency’s priority of preventing and ending homelessness.
Grant funding is typically available on a biennial basis through a variety of competitive RFP processes.  Please see our Grant Program tab for further information on these programs which include rental assistance (FHPAP, HTF, Bridges, Bridges RTC, HOPWA, operating assistance, and the Section 811 PRA program.)

Financing is available on a pipeline basis and/or through the Consolidated RFP. A select number of deferred funds are not available on a pipeline basis, please see the program guide for details. The Consolidated RFP, offered once per year, consolidates and coordinates multiple housing resources into one application process. Applicants can apply for Minnesota Housing funds through the Multifamily Common Application.
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