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Income Limits for Minnesota Housing Home Improvement Programs

Fix Up Loan/Community Fix Up Loan Programs

To qualify for the Fix Up and Community Fix Up loans, the borrower's gross household income must be no greater than $96,500, and $99,500 for all loans closing on or after March 31, 2015. The income limit is waived if the improvement is being made for the accessibility of a family member who is disabled or for specific energy improvements.

Rehabilitation Loan Program/Emergency and Accessibility Loan Program

Rehabilitation Loan Program income limits are based on HUD median family income estimates and calculated at 30% of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area median income and are applicable in all Rehabilitation Program areas of the state.

The following income limits are effective for any new commitments under the Rehabilitation Loan Program/Emergency & Accessibility Loan Program on or after February 24, 2014.
Household Size
Current Income Limits
Income Limits
Effective March 31, 2015
1 Person $17,450 $18,200
2 Persons $19,900 $20,800
3 Persons $22,400 $23,400
4 Persons $24,900 $26,00
5 Persons $26,900 $28,100
6 Persons $28,850 $30,150
7 Persons $30,850 $32,250
8 Persons $32,850 $34,300
Please contact the Single Family Help Desk for larger household sizes.

Quick Start Disaster Recovery Program

No income limits apply to the Quick Start program. This program is not currently active.