Section 8 Management Reviews

Performance Based Contract Administration (PBCA)

Minnesota Housing performs Contract Administration duties on behalf of HUD for 359 Project Based Section 8 projects throughout the State of Minnesota.  Our duties are described in the Annual Contributions Contract (ACC) awarded by HUD.  PBCA staff work in conjunction with HUD Field Office staff to ensure that management practices, occupancy, physical condition and compliance with HUD and Fair Housing regulations are upheld.  The work of PBCA aligns with Minnesota Housing’s strategic priority to preserve federally-subsidized rental housing.

Management & Occupancy Review (MOR)

Housing Management Officers perform MORs at each property at least annually and use HUD’s Form 9834 to conduct the review. The role of the Housing Management Officer is to: to detect and reduce errors in income and rent determinations; to reduce rent underpayments and/or overpayments by residents; and to maximize HUD’s housing resources, thereby assuring maximum participation in HUD’s housing programs by as many eligible families as possible.

There are seven components of the MOR –

  1. Section 8 program updates
  2. Fair Housing/504 Questionnaire (Addendum B)
  3. On-site Review
  4. Physical inspection – REAC follow-up and vacant units
  5. Tenant File Review (Addendum A)
  6. EIV Access, Security and Use
  7. Exit Interview

After the MOR, a report is sent to the Owner, Agent and the HUD Field Office. Owner/Agents have 30 days to remedy deficiencies identified in the MOR Report.  If Minnesota Housing does not receive a compliant response, PBCA staff will continue to work with the Owner/Agent until full compliance is reached and the MOR can be closed. 

To further assist Owner/Agents in preparing for the MOR, Minnesota Housing makes available the following resources:

Suggested Outline for Project Based Section 8 Tenant Files - This outline is recommended to ensure maximum compliance with HUD’s Tenant File Review requirements.

HUD 4350.3 - This is the governing HUD Handbook for Project Based Section 8. This handbook contains regulations and guidance on all aspects of this program and should be consulted by Owner/Agents in management and occupancy decisions.

Preparing for a REAC Inspection – Guidance for Multifamily properties in preparing your property for an upcoming REAC inspection.